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Fiduciary management is an approach to asset management that involves an asset owner appointing a third party to manage the total or partial assets of the asset owner on an integrated basis through a combination of advisory and delegated investment services, with a view to achieving the asset owner's overall investment objectives. In principle, the model can be applied to the investments of any asset owner.­

Large international companies have always been striving to structure their business in a tax-efficient way. They can allow themselves expensive lawyers and tax consultants who help them to build multinational structures that expand across many jurisdictions.­

For small and mid-sized companies the monetary and psychic costs of incorporating and running a business in low-tax jurisdictions have been much more burdensome, often too high to be compensated by achieved tax savings. Today’s growing globalization, increasing trade, high domestic taxation levels and availability of relatively cheap low-tax jurisdictions makes offshoring a viable and interesting option also for small and mid-sized companies.­

However, with increasing alertness of tax authorities, it has in recent years become ever more difficult for companies incorporated in offshore jurisdictions to trade with on-shore companies. In many developed countries, tax authorities do not even allow or recognize payments remitted to companies based in offshore tax havens. This reflects the opinion that anyone entering into a transaction with an offshore company is not doing so out of genuine commercial need, but solely for reasons of tax mitigation - if not tax evasion.

Even though the image of an offshore company has taken such a battering over the years, this does not mean that an offshore company is all but useless for the international entrepreneur.

Through our history, we have been delivering continuous services to top ranked law firms, accountants, high net worth individuals, trusts and banks with company formations from jurisdictions around Europe since 2000.

Since 1996, headquartered in Tallinn, FINCONTROL has grown into a solid multinational company that provides world class corporate solutions from its global network of offices. Our offices are located in WTC - World Trade Center, an area dedicated to trade and financial activities.

Our services are mainly directed to customers located in southern and eastern Europe, mainly in Spain, France, Austria, Italy, Malta, the former Yugoslavia, the Baltic countries, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia, Ukraine, the Russian Federation and CSI. We are active in the Global Financial Centres of London, Milan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Zurich, Shanghai, Beirut and Dubai.

FINCONTROL can offer clients 20 years of experience as an international management company and provide valuable services in many areas of international business. Our culture is built on the importance of providing high quality customer service, ensuring a fast, friendly and efficient response to our clients’ needs. We provide a wide variety of corporate services including: Global Incorporations, Private Interest Foundations, Trusts and Managed Structures, as well as an array of legal services. As value added to the companies we incorporate and the structures we manage, we offer Accounting and Administrative Services, and Virtual Office Packages.

Our dedicated staff encompasses a group of highly qualified professionals, guaranteeing you competent and effective results. The continued success of FINCONTROL is reflected in our commitment to serve our clients as top priority and attend to their specific instructions and requirements. FINCONTROL prides itself upon the service it provides; we believe in ensuring distinguished solutions while guaranteeing value for money.


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