How to Get to Tallinn

By air

A number of airlines fly to Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, from Amsterdam, Brussels, Copenhagen, Helsinki, London, Kiev, Minsk, Moscow, Munich, Oslo, Riga, St.Petersburg, Stockholm, Vienna, Vilnius, Warsaw and other seasonal flights. There are also flights from New York and Los Angeles in USA, usually via Helsinki in Finland. Tallinn airport is 3 km from the heart of the city. There is regular bus service, a taxi stand and car rental facilities at the airport. The bus ride to the city centre is 20 minutes long and by taxi it cost around € 10.

By rail

Tallinn is connected to Tartu by rail: it is a 3 hours journey on the mail trains, and 2 ½ hours on the express service. There is also a night train for St.Petersburg and for Moscow.

By bus

There are bus services between Tallinn and Western Europe and Scandinavia. Public buses get priority at border crossings; as a result if your arrival at the outpost coincides with one, you should be prepared to wait a while before customs checks your documents and stamps your passport. There are bus services to Tallinn from all places in Estonia and since it is a small country, distances are mostly easy.

By sea

There are several ferries between Helsinki in Finland and Tallinn every day. You can get to Tallinn by sea from Stockholm in Sweden too. In the first case it is a 4-hour journey; in the second, where there are services about four times a week, it is a 14-hour journey. The harbour is a few minutes walk from the atmospheric ‘old city’ area.

Getting around Tallinn

Tallinn’s public transport service is constituted of buses, trams, taxis, and trolley buses. Tickets for the last three can be purchased at kiosks, at newsstands and on the ride from the driver. They are cheaper if purchased from a kiosk rather than from the driver. If you are buying your ticket on the bus, enter through the front door. Tickets must be validated at the punch machine on the vehicle. Passes valid for 1-month work out fairly economical for those staying a long period. Except taxis other public transport services are available only from 6 am to midnight.


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